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These simple, meaningful, and search-centric web addresses can make the difference between success and failure online. Each of these names offer unbelievable potential whether used to either create a new global shopping portal or to compliment an existing enterprise. Naturally searched for, memorable, with some 4 billion Google returns they are organic traffic drivers. developed as a global shopping brand, is comparable to and – both billion-dollar businesses. Once the domain goes active, it would become a pre-built brand that advertises itself organically. A new owner with the right vision and motivation can certainly build a billion-dollar enterprise on resonates with all the millions of small and medium enterprises trading their products to the masses online. broadly evokes the art and science of selling products and services over digital networks.

Together, they combine the traditional and the modern shopping experience. Search-engine friendly, these web addresses would easily contribute to landing a top spot in consumers' online searches.

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